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The Government remains comitted to ensuring that the energy performance of properties improve. As a Company, we shall be discussing with companies and agencies to explore the opportunities, potentially, available to improve the energy performance of your properties. We shall contact you individually should we become aware of any grants of initiatives that will improve your property's energy performance.

Energy Efficiency requirements in Wales

Since April 1st 2020, most rental properties in Wales should have an Energy Performance Certificate displaying a rating of E or above. If this is not the case, the property is likely failing to meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard requirements set by the UK Government. 

Landlords who continue to let out rental properties below an E are risking operating illegally and should consider how to secure energy efficiency improvements without delay.

Whilst there is a legal basis for improving low performing homes, you and the tenant will also experience multiple benefits by doing so. They include: 

✔ Cheaper energy bills and added comfort for your tenants
✔ Potential increase in the value of your rental property
✔ Reduced impact on our environment 
✔ Less damp and condensation
✔ Better health for the tenant 

For more information on Energy Efficiency, watch this video.

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We work in partnership with local company Egni Energy Solutions who provide professional and honest advice to support landlords and vendors to comply with their energy efficiency requirements.


Services on offer include:


  • Domestic & Commercial Energy Performance Certificates
  • Advice and guidance on how to achieve minimum EPC ratings in the most efficient way possible (including accessing relevant Government Grants)
  • Mould & Dampness Reports to confirm cause and offer remedial actions to eradicate issues
  • Home Energy Efficiency Surveys to help plan improvements works to ensure value for money and return on investment
  • And much more!


For more information contact Egni Energy Solutions directly on 01407 728101 or email